Introducing SandMartin Impact Fund II

Accelerating the Future: Investing in Renewable Energy and Technology Innovations

At SandMartin Impact Capital, we are committed to delivering strong financial and operational performance, with the goal of providing long-term positive returns and impact for our investors, the companies we invest in, and the communities they serve. Building on the success of our Fund 1, we are excited to announce our second impact fund that will focus on developing and supporting projects that leverage solar, wind, and hydroelectric power to create sustainable and reliable energy solutions. By investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative technologies, we aim to provide clean energy access to underserved communities, reduce carbon emissions, and drive economic growth in the West and Central African region. Our commitment extends to partnering with local governments, and private sector entities to ensure that our projects are not only environmentally friendly but also socially and economically beneficial for the communities they serve.
Technology Innovations in West and Central Africa
SandMartin Impact Fund II aims to position itself at the forefront of driving technological advancements in West and Central Africa. Our investments will target companies that foster innovation in key sectors focused on digital connectivity, both hardware and software. We support startups and established companies that are developing cutting-edge solutions to address the region’s unique challenges. We aim to empower local talent and accelerate the growth of technology ecosystems.
SandMartin Impact Fund I: A Legacy of Strategic Investments

SandMartin Impact Fund I (Closed)

SandMartin Impact Fund I, closed in March 2023, has been instrumental in driving impactful investments across various sectors, particularly in Central, East and Southern Africa. The $5.5m fund provided catalytic capital to early stage companies, from pre-seed to Series A. Our portfolio includes several pioneering companies that have made significant strides in their respective industries.
Sattel Energy has been at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, specializing in off-grid solar systems and energy storage technologies. Our partnership with Sattel Energy has facilitated the deployment of renewable energy projects in underserved regions, enhancing energy security and sustainability.
Katela Networks is a key player in the telecommunications sector, focusing on expanding digital connectivity in underserved rural areas. With our investment, Katela Networks has rolled out extensive broadband networks, providing reliable internet access that supports education, business, and communication.
Authenticalls is at the forefront of mobile security, offering cutting-edge solutions for identity verification, fraud prevention, and seamless user authentication. Providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly authentication services such as (KYC, FML & 2FA) that meet the needs of businesses and individuals in a digitally connected world.

Asante is a player in the Kenyan financial services market, focusing on micro lending.

InnoHealth Group is a trailblazer in the healthtech sector, developing innovative healthcare solutions that improve access to medical services in Southern Africa. Our support has enabled InnoHealth to launch platforms and mobile health applications, bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients, especially in remote areas.
The success and impact of our investment in SandMartin Impact Fund I underscored 3 major themes driving Fund II’s strategy
Focusing on People:
We prioritize investing in the right people, as their vision and commitment are crucial to driving impactful and sustainable projects. By supporting passionate and skilled individuals, we ensure that our investments create significant social and economic benefits.
Targeting High-Need Regions:
Our focus on regions with the most need and opportunity allows us to maximize the social impact of our investments. By addressing critical gaps in renewable energy and technology, we contribute to the development and prosperity of underserved communities.
Aligning Growth with Innovation:
By investing in renewable energy and technology, we align substantial growth opportunities with our mission to drive sustainable development and innovation. This strategy allows us to support transformative projects that advance a sustainable and technologically advanced future for Africa, leveraging the insights and successes gained from Fund I.
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